dinsdag 10 juli 2012

Fashion Colors 2013

Fashion colors summer 2013: styling tips from trend watchers at the new color cards with Textilia's fashion colors for summer 2013, that subscribers of Textilia received when Edition 11, hear except the practical guide in the magazine, also these styling tips from trend watchers Textilia's.

The color cards with fashion colors for summer 2013.

1/2 Color map related news women's fashion sport fashion summer 2013 Color card summer 2013 Color map jeans Black summer 2013 & Blanche: colors brand with a mission more about General women's fashion, styling tips from Christine Boland JONG: white is the main ' color ' of summer 2013. That means also that white affects pastels and bright accent colors. For optimal contrast black is also important. In addition, bright fresh crops, ' innocent ' colors like red, blue, turquoise and green grass. In attendance: Absinthe Greens and warm purple shades both light as what feller.

CLASSIC: also within this segment is white important in summer 2013, together with very "clean", whitish pastel tones. In addition, a group of natural basics that a little to Red Earth tend or direction mustard go. Yellow and blue in all tonalities are important. And that goes also for three-tone combinations as red-white-blue, white-blue-accent or black and white-bright yellow.

Men's fashion, styling tips from Jeroen Winnubst JONG: all witvarianten are indispensable, with left chest applique graphic shades for bleached outfits. Create personal combinations with bright colors in blues and Greens together with uni's. Yellow, turquoise and orange in exotic and tropical prints along with witten and blues. Think in blocks of color, such as anoraks and unitinten together with shirt and chinos Polos in exciting.

CLASSIC: use the bold colors for recognizable garments, such as fierce Basic 5-pocket, cotton sweaters and jackets. Combine this with blues, sand tones and greys in jackets and coats. Total outfits in accent color can best in easy basic clothing. Choose neutral and classics like white, Navy and grey value in innovative high-tech fabrics.

Jeans, styling tips from Jan Agelink the summer colors for 2013 rays softness and lightness. By Sun and wind weakened reds, roses, blues and gels are the most notable. This chalky pastellen be translated into shadow diamonds, kElem-motifs and geometric sprinkle patterns. But also many chinos and skinny denims by this dye bath met. For the second season in a row is a key role for the nail blue family, which in addition to the indigo blue worn many different gradations the clothing image go colors. Finally, a solid red weather important to use as a basis in each collection.

Sport fashion, styling tips from Jan Agelink there are two major color directions for sport fashion this season. The hard, intense, almost virtual pop colors. These are not so very often used more in contrast, except in surreal flora prints. The yellows and Greens are often neon-like and are widely used for sneakers and details on the clothing image. The second group is formed by the skin and copper tones that for a sophisticated high tech materials, technogevoel worries in with a perforation or other sporty material feeling. Black and white are the cornerstone of both color groups.

Body fashion, styling tips from Style Institute Amsterdam a growing need for products with personality requires statements. Outspoken colors with special combinations yield even more expression. Tere pastels Recalling the fifties, but which in combination with bright accents get precisely an Oriental twist. Bright accents, uni's or in an exotic mix as fiery. Quiet naturellen ensure balance.

Children's fashion, styling tips from Tineke Igel after the last summer is a small step fellen to fluo, the newcomers this season. Not like in the 1980s as unikleuren, but subtle and multichromatisch (with many colors in the same colours range, ed.) used. Almost all ' garden ' in neon brights, there are variants and the dusty pastels strengthen these fluorescent shades in an almost surreal freshness. But also in a warm, more exotic image they are the Christmas on the cake. We see white front and uni's. Cedar Green and khaki neutrals are important in this color story.

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